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There are experiences in our lives that change us
in some way, forever, for the better.
Flying Higher is one of those.
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Welcome to Flying Higher, a minority and woman owned company specializing in dynamic, educational and motivational programs featuring live birds of prey, otherwise known as "raptors." This uplifting, interactive and highly entertaining program is flexible by design and can be custom tailored to serve an array of clients' educational or training needs. Flying Higher is highly recommended for:
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Target Audience   Flying Higher is Dedicated to
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  • Instilling an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the essential interrelationship between people and the environment

  • Enriching lives through an awesome and unforgettable experience up close with live hawks and owls

  • Seeking out special needs youth and adults

  • Inspiring audiences to maximize their potential in life and "soar on wings like eagles." - Is. 40:31

Flying Higher has strong appeal regardless of age, ethnic, educational or socio-economic background of audiences. The power of birds of prey to reach into the hearts and minds of people is universal. A living wild animal holds the attention of all ages like nothing else can; the experience of being in the presence of such magnificent birds is both inspiring and unforgettable.

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